Use open source with confidence.

Gain visibility into your dependencies. Proactively secure your software supply chain.

Detect and block malicious dependencies's behavioral intelligence provides comprehensive coverage against vulnerabilites and unknown supply chain risks.

Get ahead of supply chain attacks

Unlike traditional CVE-based scanners, our best-in-class behavioral analysis detects malware and novel supply chain threats.
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Supercharge developer productivity

Get actionable guidance inside existing tools & workflows to stay secure as you code-without the context switch.
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Automate security controls

Enforce guardrails and best practices for dependencies across the SDLC. Ship fast and scale with peace of mind.
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Dev-time observability

Dependency insights in real-time

Monitor every change in your dependency tree, and get alerted on deviations from baseline behavior. In your existing workflows.

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See the unseen

Understand how packages actually behave

Gain unparalleled visibility with runtime context, powered by eBPF. Protect your codebase from hidden threats.

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Integrate within minutes

Protect your users and infrastructure from costly breaches.

Rethinking developer security

Open source is under attack

Supply chain attacks on OSS surged 700% while defenses lag behind. Learn more about our team's research and insights on this topic on the blog.

"There are a lot of tools that process security advisory data, but is the first I've seen that goes a step further, applying behavioral analysis to find issues before they get reported to an advisory database. This is the kind of thing we'd always wanted to do at npm, Inc., but never got around to. It's super exciting to see it come to fruition."

  Isaac Z. Schlueter
  Creator of npm, formerly Node.js project lead