Stay vigilant. Build with confidence. provides real-time visibility, intelligence and control over open source dependencies.

AI-assisted developer security

Find, prioritize, and fix relevant security issues faster. Supercharge dependency management using

Prevent supply chain attacks

Proactive runtime monitoring detects install scripts, obfuscated code, and other malicious activity that traditional scanners may miss.
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Unlock developer superpowers

Contextual insights and actionable recommendations inside dev environments to stay informed while you build.
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Automate security controls

Enforce behavior-based policy to set guardrails across the development lifecycle to prevent costly mistakes.
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Dev-time feedback

Get real-time dependency insights

Monitor every change in your dependency tree, and get alerted on deviations from expected behavior. Right inside your workflows.

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Gain actionable context

Understand and fix issues at the core

See how packages behave before you install them. Use execution traces, criticality, and source & sink information for effective priorization and remediation.

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Assert control

Enforce policy in CI

Use rule-based policies to automatically block packages based on criticality, behavior, and more. Customize alerts using our pre-defined ruleset, or easily create your own.

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Take control of your dependencies with

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Simplify vulnerability management

Focus on code, not alerts.

Unlike traditional scanners, uses runtime context and AI to surface the most critical issues. This helps engineering move faster while streamlining security ops.

"There are a lot of tools that process security advisory data, but is the first I've seen that goes a step further, applying behavioral analysis to find issues before they get reported to an advisory database. This is the kind of thing we'd always wanted to do at npm, Inc., but never got around to. It's super exciting to see it come to fruition."

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  isaacs (creator of npm)